Get Rid of Your Love Handles in 10 Minutes

Have you been feeling down because you’ve been busting your butt and still can’t get rid of those pesky love handles? Well, maybe you need to try a new exercise plan, and we’ve got a great workout just for you!

This plan is simple, requires no weightlifting and can be done in the comfort of your own home in just 10 minutes.

Make sure to do each side and rest for 5 seconds in between reps.

Begin with:

30 Bridges

45 Toe Touches

45 Side Lying Leg Raises

30 Second Knee Hug Crunch

30 Second Side Plank Knee Tuck

30 Second Superman Plank

30 Bicycle Crunches

15 Oblique Crunches

30 Second V-Ups

30 Second V-Ups

15 Burpees

60 Second Plank

30 Second Side Plank

If you feel this is too intense, rest for 10 seconds in between and for you hardcore workout addicts, do this workout twice after a 5 minute rest.

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