Beginner Workout Plan

We know that some of these workouts can be a bit intimidating. For those of you who have just started or are thinking of starting to workout, it can be a bit too much. That’s why we put together this awesome workout plan that is perfect for beginners!

A 4 week weight loss guide that provides you with a workout to do everyday!

This guide isn’t only for beginners and is great for anyone that is trying to change their lifestyle habits and get in better shape.

Week 1

Monday – 25-30 minutes Cardio

Tuesday – Core workout

Wednesday – Upper Body Workout

Thursday – 25-30 minutes Cardio

Friday – Total Body Workout

Saturday – 25-30 minutes Cardio

Sunday – Take a day off and rest to let your body repair.

Week 2 – Same thing as the week before except now go for 30 minutes straight cardio on cardio days.

Week 3 – Go for 35-40 minutes of cardio, and continuing with the guide.

Week 4 – By week 4 your body will be used to working out and you should be able to do at least 40 minutes of cardio, while continuing to follow the guide as directed.

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